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GREED. PRIDE. BETRAYAL… A love story gone wrong. Love Stings was originally a stage play written by Juan Ramirez, Jr., but Angela Reynoso was inspired to bring it to life and create a film adaptation. The protagonist Pilar Lopez, hires a hitman, Felix, to kill her husband, Mark Lopez. Knowing that the script was made for the stage, Angela wanted to create a three-dimensional world where the audience sees the different connections between not only Pilar and Felix in a car, but also Pilar and Mark’s innocent marriage in turmoil, and her performative imagination. Her imagination combines the world of theatre on stage while also acknowledging this as a film between two people in a car plotting a murder.


As Angela's first directorial debut, she focused mainly on the combination of different genres, drama and comedy to convey the story altogether. Overall, her intention is to have you enjoy a reunion with not only herself and the cast, but also those who enjoy watching their loved ones create and do what they love doing most during a very tough and lively pandemic.

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