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La Gringa

"As Maria, Angela Reynoso nails her idealistic yet naive worldview. She doesn't speak much Spanish, and the fact that she minored in Puerto Rican Studies is a..."

Angela Reynoso, Denzel Rodriguez, Cindy Peralta



"The Torres family of the Bronx are gathering at Juana’s apartment to celebrate the christening of her grandson, Christopher. It’s November 2002 and a year after 9/11, this hilarious, fun, close-knit Dominican family is navigating a new reality that challenges their sense of security— is America waging war in Iraq? When it’s time to party, the Torres’ still deliver – there’s definitely too much food, adults harangue their kids a little, cousins gossip and argue – and yet the comforts of home fall short. Something is up..."

The Love Hate Club


The Love Hate Club

"The Love Hate Club by Juan Ramirez, Jr. is a love dramedy about Lily, on her way to a new life, she finds herself face-to-face with her ex, Mia, and it's clear she has to decide if the one who got away, should stay away. The play calls attention to young love and the love/hate relationships we experience..." Read more below.

07/23/21, 07/25/21, 07/31/21, 08/3/21

One Act of Kindness

"After her car breaks down on the side of the road, Ema decides to walk only to find Amila, a forgetful orange seller. When she asks for directions, she doesn't get the answers she wants. Whether it's good directions or bad directions, life's got a way to put you exactly where you need to be..." Read more below.

One Act of Kindness
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